A Church Salida
A Church Salida, Colorado
A Church Salida Colorado
A Church Salida Colorado

We Believe in the Power of Community

to effect Positive Change.

A Church, Inc is a community project that works to promote connection and provide an open space for nonprofits, civic groups and individuals working for positive change. A Church also hosts weddings, events, private parities, lectures/discussions and music. 

Our multi tiered stage, professional sound and lighting will make A Church the event space for you.

 It is hosted in a historic church in downtown Salida, Colorado.  


In 2016, local residents Sheree and Kurt Beddingfield purchased the church with a vision of preserving the existing building while supporting community arts, recreation, social service and education efforts. They envisioned an inclusive gathering space that could be used for organizing, for celebration, for mourning, and connecting with others. 


A church is a “real” church, including registered nonprofit status, with a unique position – faith in community and promotion of spiritual diversity. We are an open-minded, open-hearted place to gather with others to share ideas, deepen our understanding, connect with people that we live with, and to consciously give back to the town of Salida that we love.

A Church asks if you are not vaccinated to please

wear a mask while indoors.
If you are not feeling well stay home.

Thank you for caring for one another by
practicing social responsibility.


Learn more about our Beliefs, Minister & Board of Directors.


A Church is available to rent for community gatherings, private events, weddings, live music, non-profit meetings, birthdays and more. 


Check our calendar for up to date  availability for your next event.

A Church's informational video.

419 D Street Salida CO 81201-print-021-0

Older adult game day is every Thursday 1-4 p.m.



third Thursday of the month 7-8:15.


Teen Night TBD

Game night has been postponed.